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Remote Learning

We designed this section of our website to help all of us get through Remote Learning TOGETHER!  Remote Learning is new to all of us but we are confident that we can accomplish great things with the support of our staff and families.  We wanted to have all of our resources in one central location for families to be able to find quickly and efficiently.
On the right hand side of this page, you will find a menu with links to different sections.  Click on each labeled section to find the resources you are looking for.  All activities sent home in the month of March, are under their own page.  Similarly, once remote learning begins on April 13, 2020, those activities will be compiled onto one page.

We hope these resources are helpful to you during this time.  We are all doing our best to manage during this unprecedented time in our lives.  As a parent you know your child best - you know best what they can handle, what they would be interested in and what they need to work on.  

We will try to limit the number of items that would need to be printed as we know that this can be a challenge in some homes.  If your child needs to practice their fine motor skills, specifically writing skills you can use anything around the house to practice these skills - scratch paper, envelopes from junk mail, even newspapers and magazines can be used for letter and word hunts.  
Make sure to find ways to have fun, be active and recharge.  Above all else, stay well.