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Arrival and dismissal

An adult, parent or guardian, is required to sign their child in and out of school daily.  Classroom staff will have sign-in sheets available for parents/guardians to initial.  The classroom teams will indicate that they are ready to receive and/or dismiss children when they open their classroom doors.  Children will only be released to parents or designees as indicated on the Release Form that was completed during registration.  Please be aware that if an unfamiliar individual who is listed on the Release Form comes to pick up your child for the first time, a member of the classroom staff will ask for picture identification.   Any change in the dismissal procedure must be given to the teacher in writing.


Parents/guardians that drive children to school should park in the back parking lot of the Center.  You can gain access to the parking lot from Maplewood Avenue at 112th Street.  To ensure the safety of all, please follow the directional arrows as you enter and exit the parking lot.  Please make sure to park in designated spots only.  Two handicapped spots are provided for those with handicapped stickers.  Our staff and security officers regularly monitor the parking lot.   Parking is not allowed on the northside of 113th Street due to our school buses loading and unloading.  Please be mindful of children when crossing street; children need to be closely monitored.


At the start and end of each school day families are asked to park off site and enter the school building to drop off and pick up their child(ren).  Parking is not allowed on 66th street due to our school buses loading and unloading.  Please be mindful that Kedzie is a very busy street and children need to be closely monitored.

Upon entering the building please proceed directly upstairs to your child(s) classroom and sign them both in and out.  The classroom doors will remain closed until staff is ready to welcome and then release the children for the day.  Please wait until a staff member opens the classroom door and begins to dismiss the children.