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Parents » Security and Entry to the School Building

Security and Entry to the School Building

Each site is staffed with 2 off-duty Chicago Police Department officers – one for each of the AM/PM sessions.  These officers are at school daily when children are in attendance to ensure the safety of our school community.  


The doors are locked and a doorbell system is utilized throughout the school day.  Parents and visitors to the school are required to ring the bell and wait to be buzzed inside.  Once inside please go directly to your child’s classroom, or the school office with which you have business.


The school doors remain locked throughout the school day and our security guards remain at the doors to allow parents and visitors access to the school.    

Safety Drills

In accordance with state laws, a number of safety drills are held at the school each year.  These drills include, but are not limited to: a minimum of three fire drills, a shelter-in-place drill, a bus evacuation drill, an allergen drill and a police/SWAT drill.  Parents should be aware that their children are asked to exit the building without coats – simulating emergency conditions – even if the weather is cold.  Children stay outside usually no more than a few minutes.  During specific drills, all children and adults must leave the school.