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If your child becomes ill during the school day, we will call you.  We request that you pick up your child as soon as possible.  In the event that you cannot be reached, we will call the emergency contact person.  Please be sure that list is kept current.  

No child should be sent to school with any contagious disease, unexplained rash, or fever (temperature of 100o or above).  This is for the safety of your child as well as for the other children.  If your child is vomiting, has a fever, or has diarrhea; keep them home for 24 hours after the symptoms have ceased.

Children who have been severely ill for more than 5 consecutive days should bring a clearance note from their doctor to the school office.  

When your child is diagnosed as having a communicable disease the school should be notified as soon as possible so that this information can be communicated to the parents of other children in the classroom.  The identity of the ill child is not shared, simply the illness.