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Spotlight On

Each month we will be featuring a different teacher team and showcasing what the they are working on in the classroom. This month we are featuring the teaching team from Room 105 at our 113th Street location.
Ms. Raven DiMichele (Gen Ed Teacher) Ms. Saryu Gruschow (Sp. Ed Teacher) Ms. Dianna Feltman (SECA)
What is your job or hobbies?  Any special skills?    
I am a general education teacher.  I enjoy Pilates.  I love to cooke!  I dabble in general DIY projects. I love my job of teaching preschoolers!  I also love watching movies, redecorating my home and playing with my son.   I am a classroom assistant.  
What are your interests?    
I like to read.  I love comic books and Superhero movies.  I love animals.  I like to swim and hike. I am an organizer and love organizing spaces.  Painting.
How do you celebrate your birthday?    
I like to do something outside, like hiking or biking, just being out in nature. With family, friends and a fun activity. With family and cake.
What is your favorite book?    
Pride and Prejudice The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls Harry Potter
What is your favorite food?    
French fries!  But 2nd is kale salad! Tacos, Guacamole, Butter Chicken Pizza
What makes you happy?    
Food!  Any animal!  The beach. Children, plants, traveling, shopping. Painting furniture.
What are your allergies?    
Chamomile None. None.
What do you like best about your teaching team?    
Saryu: She is a supportive, passionate teacher with a big heart.
Dianna: She is very creative and always calm and relaxed.
Raven: Her love for play!
DIanna: Her relaxed presence!
Their love for students!
What is your experience with the Reggio Emilia Philosophy?
I studied the philosophy at Columbia College and have visited the schools of Reggio Emilia Italy twice.  The Reggio Emilia philosophy is deeply ingrained in my own teaching style.  I believe deeply in children constructing their own learning and in teachers as researchers who learn alongside the students.  I value the environment as the third teacher and documentation as a vital part of the process of learning.
I chanced upon the philosophy when I was studying at Columbia University in New York City.  It instantaneously connected with me, and I knew I wanted to be a Reggio Emilia inspired teacher.  I'm loving learning about it and experiencing it at Vick. I have been using the Reggio approach for 10 years and I enjoy watching the children explore and learn.